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This games have loads of features other games don't have and it is like A-MA-ZING, but, like everything, some things can improve. Zap10 and me tought of amazing features/ideas that can bring this game to the next level. Here we go!

1. Sprites: As we know there are loads of sprites on PokemonPets such as Milotic-Icy, Mega-Typhlosion-Frost etc; which are an AMAZING addition to this game. Although they are good additions to this game they are still not used very often in the game what makes it a bit of -sorry to say- a waist. This is the reason why I want to introduce the idea of rethinking/resetting some of the sprites stats so they will not only be more attractive to get but also mare challenging in battles. Also, which leads me to my second idea, do I think it would be better to make the sprites only available in events.

2. Events: I have thought about LOADS of events which I personally would like to present:

2.1. Guild Races: (This is personally the best event I could think off (and yes I thought this true)). As we all know we have a guild war where the guilds commit to. It's a great future which is not only challenging and ads something in our to-do list, it also grows the bond of players in the guild which makes it even more and more fun to play PokemonPets, but it could be more fun. 
As we all know CeF brought pretty recently the 'Weekly events-event' to earn some medals. With that now here I have a pretty similar idea but then with the 'Guild race'. This Guild Race will revolve around a certain task such as: 'The guild who collects the most gold within 12 days wins a exclusive Silvoopa'. Since the Silvoopa won't be catch-able and be exclusive, I want to ensure that the Silvoopa, which good stats obviously, will not come out as an Reward Boxed Pokemon. This has a positive effect on the Pokemon Market and the 'trade-lust' of people to interact with each other. Do notice that this 'Guild Race' will NOT be an everytime event, which means that when it do start, people will get excited and can get prepared a certain amount of time (since it will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and on the renewed home page).

2.2. Exclusive Shiny Event (ESS): As we all know there is the 'event chat' that allows people to catch a shiny Pokemon that is not catch able for roundabout a hour, which is very cool, but I've been thinking (as always). What if we can make an ESS for a certain amount of time (let's say 2 days), which is announced very early as well for people to prepare. With this ESS, since it's Exclusive, the catch rate will be much harder then the standard 0.01%/0.05%.

2.3. Z-Moves: Since Z-moves are a big thing in Pokemon right now I would like to introduce them in a fun way. Instead of giving them just a TM as all the other moves it would be a good idea to let them get obtained in certain events. Example: 'Train Garchomp to level 110 from 9th of July till 12th of July to obtain the Z-move Savage Spin-Out', Which leads to my next idea immediately.

3. Pokemon level: CeF recently brought an update what let us train Pokemon to level 110. In the future it will also be so that the NPC'S will be lvl 110, which makes the difficulty of the game somewhat the same but just with 10 level higher. With this idea, that has been said already often, do we want to ensure that to reach level 101 - level 110 will be much harder, still doable, but still harder. This will not only make it more challenging for people to only train their 'best' Pokemons to level 110, this will also encourage/boost certain events just like the one that was mentioned. 

3.1. Also with this being said I have another idea (which is open for discussion of course). I want to make sure that the only way to Mega Pokemons is from level 105, this may sound off for people but I have a good reason for this idea. The reason behind this is that it's so easy to Mega-evolve Pokemons in this game, it actually makes it pretty basic, what obviously shouldn't be basic. With that being said level 105 will be a very reasonable level to allow people to Mega-Evolve their Pokemons.

2.4. With this all being said i'm jumping back to '2.4' which means another event: Mega events; As we all know there are some 'Extra Mega's' Such as Mega-Typhlosion-Frost'. It would be be fun to run Mega-Events, for instance:  'From 12th July till 14th july' All the Typhlosions that gets mega-evolved will evolve to Mega-Typhlosion-Frost'. I've been thinking about this Mega-Event for ALL mega's that exist in the game but not sure if many people would approve this idea, but it is open for discussion of course.

4. Shinies: One thing that I would really like to happen in this game is the shines to have the original colours like the Pokemon game. That would just increase the happy shiny feeling. and makes it worth it more.

5. Maps: As we all know it is possible to encounter a legendary Pokemon in map 1, guys MAP 1. For me, if I just started this game and encounter a legendary I would be so sad cause I wouldn't be able to catch it. With that being said the maps should be re-arranged (Especially the first 6 zones), not even not implanting the legendaries into those maps, but overall just making sure that the amount of different pokes gets decreased as well. For Pokemon fans (especially in the beginning) it's cool to start off with good pokes and ease hunting for good 'beginner pokes', but with so many Pokemon appearing in the first maps it's just impossible and even -sorry to say- just  a bit messy. That's why reducing it for the first 6 zones would be better.

6. Storyline-Beta


I think that it will be great for this game to have a story-line, since not only will it make it feel less that this game is a grind, it will also make this game more enjoyable and draw in more players. 


Basically, the story will be divided into 3 parts. The main story, the side quests and the origin/special episodes. The main story will be the main story-line consisting of around 24 chapters with each chapter containing around 10-20 quests. As the player progresses, they will unlock various side quests that tell more of a certain place or character's story or just help them gain extra rewards. Special episodes will be unlocked after the completion of the story-line. Special episodes will let the player see the world and play the event of another NPC character to learn more about their backstory or just show how something came to be. Special episodes will unlock further special episodes and rewards such as say a certain NPC's partner Pokemon. 


My story idea is one about a human in our world who during a storm in the Pacific, woke up as a different character in the Pokemon world. The MC (main character, you) will discover that the world is becoming corrupted as Corrupted Pokemon begin attacking humans. MC will journey through the region obtaining all the badges to discover the true purpose behind the corruption. Throughout MC's journey, they will discover strange people of a particular cult often controlling Corrupted Pokemon or carrying out dark deeds. MC will participate in the World Tournament and discover that MC is the reason why the corruption is taking place, as he shouldn't be here. MC learns that an evil Pokemon (to be determined) transported him into the Pokemon realm to fuel their evil desires. The Culted People appear to be the evil Pokemon's worshippers and attempt to use MC's disruption force to destroy the region. MC defeats the evil Pokemon and harmony is returned to the land.

Of course I have many ideas for multiple sequels that can be added, to keep the game alive and entertaining but most of all new and enticing. I feel that a storyline is a lot of work and effort to add but it will really change the game and its appeal. 

Please notice that with all these ideas, it might be urgent to have a massive reset in the game, which will lead to a better impact.
So basically you want the entire game deleted and re-programmed from scratch?

I doubt players would be happy with that, and I doubt cef would want to reprogram the entire game, if Anything perhaps it would be be cef opening yet another game and doing it differently, but I highly doubt it's gonna happen.

Only thing i might see happening is the first idea, but sprites? You mean fusion pokemon right? Cuz sprites are the characters we play as that move around lol

If cef can get the art for original colored shinies that would be nice, though i'd rather the focus be on new pokes first
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(2018-12-27, 10:43 AM)SeaQueen Wrote: So basically you want the entire game deleted and re-programmed from scratch?

I doubt players would be happy with that, and I doubt cef would want to reprogram the entire game, if Anything perhaps it would be be cef opening yet another game and doing it differently, but I highly doubt it's gonna happen.

Only thing i might see happening is the first idea, but sprites? You mean fusion pokemon right? Cuz sprites are the characters we play as that move around lol

Re-programming everything would be a bad idea indeed and to be honest I don't think that this will be a fair option. The best outcome would be if we did the re-program, but this would be rather almost impossible.

As for the Fusions (sorry I got it messed up), this actually requires the re-programming, not fully tough. All other ideas (especially the events) would not need a re-program to continue it.
i have read the all

good ideas but very hard to apply

from those we can add these 2 fairly easily

1: mega evolve level limit can be set to 105 very possible

2: weekly guild events. it can be anything like gold collecting, exp collecting etc but rewards would be still silver medals

other things are really hard to implement right now

i am open to every ideas
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