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wonderful suggestions
wonderful suggestions by me CoolCool
1.Heart how about to add a option which is used to see pvp matches or live matches it would be gud for other players to see it and get experiance [ it would also be used for tournament]
2. Big Grin how about add random tournament like beauty contest.....etc
and all other tournament tht in other official games
thnx,for reading
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
the first suggestion u gave was already suggested by atharva or someone else.
really can u give me the thread link pls
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
1) This has never been suggested for ever.. Great idea. Everyone should have suggested this, why is everyone so slow?!
Oh wait, this has been suggested for since 2010 and still running. 

2) Go ahead, I'd love to see that, not that I would enter, but I can see how people might enjoy that
beauty contest -_- just explain how it can be added noob
beauty contest- showing ur cute pokemon talent and thts an example
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
That first idea was given by me 1st in "PP" by a PM'ing cef and he said it will take too much time and not really needed.
And the second idea............. let's not talk about it.
option 1 great idea but too hard to code at the moment Sad

maybe in future
(2015-10-29, 10:37 AM)CeFurkan Wrote: option 1 great idea but too hard to code at the moment Sad

maybe in future

It actually is too hard, I know how they do it in online chess games, maybe that can help you figure out the coding or whatever.
Still this has been on going for years (read v1 monstermmorpg).

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