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this is a cool art of a mega celebi Smile

[Image: 134567157772051344242545394.png]

i didnt made it but it be good in game thought
we cant add random images

however we got permission from this one Smile
awesome mike i might get one from majic for the tyamo hunt
We must find moar!
[quote pid='141647' dateline='1437936421']
I drew something that can be a mega druddigon.go to this site called postimage and search will see my on the one with the purple dragon.that is mega druddigon but he wont be that color

(2015-08-11, 03:10 AM)spaghettisoldier Wrote: TongueTongueI will put the link after this post

[quote pid='142212' dateline='1439262654']
nevermind it wont let me put the link

anyone knows what program they use to draw new pokes

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