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So as you guys may or may not know, there are no Pokemon moves that are sure to cause the frozen status unlike other status conditions such as burn paralysis, etc. So I had a thought and wanted to ask how you guys would feel about an Ice type move that is sure to cause the frozen status, but only has 40 accuracy which is higher accuracy than OHKO moves, but lower than sleeping moves such as sing. Does that sound balanced and how likely are you to keep the move on your Pokemon in a casual playthrough? I am imagining this move to only be available to Ice type Pokemon and select few water types. Sorry about this long Question but I'm genuinely curious to hear your guy's thoughts. (I'm new to Reddit as well so please tell me if I did something wrong)
As a young boy growing up in southern wisconsin i learned one thing at a young age: small mammals would do everything in their power to get themselves killed. Gamefreaks effort to display this characteristic is amazing. No matter where you run, if a zigzagoon is within 20 meters you will hit it. People like to complain that gamefreak was lazy or greedy in its design of this game. This is simply not true, the R&D cost was sunk into studying varmin. They obviously worked closely with small mammals regularly. Ohmori surely lived as a squirrel for months. This is in fact why masuda listed him as a developer before himself. Gamefreaks dedication to lifelike animal behavior is the industry standard and will stand so for years to come. Carry on zigzagoon, May your journey lead ever on into trainers trying to hatch eggs, further wasting their time.tweakbox appvalley

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