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Who's my best friend huh?
that's right! you are!

But yeah, hi.

Im new here Smile and i come with a bag full of goodies i can give people.
i mean pictures, drawings, forum signatures, avatars, logo's.

in a few weeks im going back to school and ill be an advertiser who makes these huge billboards on the side of the road and sticker that you see on all kind of vehicles. i cant wait to start.

i liek to work with photoshop, and i always had a passion to go on with drawing but i never did, wich is a shame. i have bought a intos drawing pad some days ago and i am going to pick up drawing again. i will do my super duper best to create cool things.

so yeah, HI!
[Image: Nckxosh.png?1]
Check on my DA for my drawings, you can click it ->
nice, will be happy to see all your work Smile
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
thanks ^^
[Image: Nckxosh.png?1]
Check on my DA for my drawings, you can click it ->
Two years back i got a new neighbor, he was a 30 yo guy who has spent last 6 years in iraq/Afghanistan . Good thing about him is he very humble and down to earth guy, always there for a helping hand. No ones mess with me when he is around. We go to gym togather, work at the same place so he is there all the time. His wife died from cancer when he was in iraq and got no kids so he thinks i am everything to him

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