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Which Mega Pokemon's artwork do you like?
Which Mega Pokemon's artwork do you like the most & least ?

1) Only 1 or 2 pokemon(s) each
2) Excluding original Pokemon artwork
Abomasnow's mega stone.
My favorite is Mega Charizard. I have been a fan since a friend from essay writing help online introduced me to it. Though I like abomasnows mega stone too but is not the same.
Each team will have 4 chances to send the ball 10m forward. When you pass 10m down the road, you will have to put the ball down and start again in 10m. After 4 phases to the side, if not over 10m distance, the ball will be passed to your team.

The main rule in the Retro Bowl game is also the typical American football rule. When two teams (11 players each) play against each other. The goal is to score more points than your opponent in the allotted time before the tournament.
I love Pikachu - main pokemon. It looks so cute.
Sceptile and Swampert will almost undoubtedly get Mega evolutions. Likely in the new remakes coming out soon, and they certainly deserve it.

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