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Guild System
1: Anyone can start his/her guild with just spending 1m gold from guilds page:

2: You can also join existing guilds from that page

3: Guild code has to be exactly 5 character long, not shorter or not longer

4: Guilds will have only 1 leader and 1 co-leader. Setting co-leader is optional

5: Co-leader can accept applicant players, kick existing players, and start guild wars

6: Guild name can be 5 to 30 character length - any characters can be used

7: From guild management page, the players’ guild war priority order can be set. Lower number set players will be first to participate guild wars

8: Level 1 guilds will be limited to 20 players and with every 5 guild level, the maximum member capacity will be increased by 1

9: For example, level 34 guild would have 20 + 34/5 = 26 player capacity

10: Each guild level will provide extra 1% bonus EXP and Gold from all battles

11: For example if you have level 36 guild, you will get 36% EXP and Bonus Gold from all battles

12: The bonus EXP and Gold is stackable with other bonuses but they don't multiply

13: Each guild level will provide 0.1% stats boost (except HP) in all battles. For example if your guild is level 100 and your Pokemon have 200 Attack in battle, it will get 10% boost from guild level and it will be 220

14: Guild stat bonus is applied last which means all other modifications are calculated and applied

15: To increase level of your guild, you will be have to participate guild quest (GQ) battles

16: Once you complete the current GQ, the next one will be available 2 hours later

17: In each GQ, you will battle against totally randomly picked 6 Pokémon having enemy NPC

18: Pokémon level of GQ will be always equal to maximum level in your team Pokémon. So new players will battle against their level teams

19: As your guild level increases, the GQ enemy team Pokémon will start to get stat bonuses. Each guild level will give enemy 5% stat increase

20: For example your guild is level 20, in that case, the enemy Pokémon of GQ will have 19*5=95% stat boost

21: No other stat boost is applied to Pokémon in GQ battles

22: For your guild to get next level, cumulatively, your guild have to reach certain battle damage infliction in guild quests

23: This damage is calculated as, for level 1 guild it is 100,000, for level 2 it is 100,000*1.05 = 105,000, for level 3 it is 105,000*1.05 = 110,250, for level 4 it is 110,250*1.05 = 115,763, and so on

23: For example your guild is level 4. To make it level 5, you will need to inflict 121,551 total damage in GQ battles

24: For GQ damage to be counted to level up your guild, you don’t have to win the GQ battle

25: Every member of guild can do guild quest battle infinite times

25: Every members’ inflicted total damage in guild quest battles will be cumulatively counted to get the next level

26: You can see the guild quest damage requirements and the bonuses in this Google Sheet:

27: There is no maximum guild level restriction

28: There are 2 guild rankings systems

29: Guild rankings by level:

30: Guild rankings by guild war score:

31: The total inflicted GQ damage and the last GQ’s inflicted damage of the members is shown in guild management page

32: Item usage is disabled in GQ battles

Ask any questions you need

Common FAQ about guild system

1: All members inflicted damage will be reduced from guild quest damage requirement. So more active members > faster guild quest finish > faster level up = competition

2: The guilds will get an avatar (planned at the moment)

3: No time limit to complete quest. But if you complete in 24 hours and others complete in 1 minute, they will get 12 guild level in a day while you get 1 guild level Smile

4: Each time a player battles for guild quest, the player's enemy team will be randomly picked and will be unique for that player only for that battle

5: The HP of your Pokemon after battle will continue, not get fully healed like boss battle so you will be need to heal after battle

6: There is no battle limit of how many times you can participate each guild quest (GQ). So until the GQ ends, you can continue to fight with enemy teams and reduce GQ's damage requirement

7: Guild Quest cooldown starts after you defeat the current one. Let’s say you started level 10 quest at 13.00 game time. And you have defeated it in 1 hour. So the next one can be started at 13+1+2 = 16.00 game time. There is no time limit for you to defeat current guild quest. So it can take even days or weeks etc.

8: The max level of the enemy team's Pokémon in GQ will be equal to max level of your team
just a correction in point number 2 of common FAQ of all guild system 
both last and total guild quest damage is shown for a player and its got a reset if a player leave the guild and rejoin again.
Adding Invitation System would be great So that Leader and Co-leader can invite players to join their guild..and after accepting that invitation the player would directly become a member of guild..
i asked you to add guild mass mail... by which we can send same message to all guild members at once...
Is there anyway to send a message to all of my guild members at once?
aviad guild chat
(2017-08-28, 11:54 AM)aviad Wrote: Is there anyway to send a message to all of my guild members at once?

mass mail to all guild members added

you can click the button in guild page or you can directly send to @guild as receiver


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