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Can someone tell me how to fuse pokemon? I've tried levelling them up all the way, but still nothing. Is there a specific item that I need?
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Lost Ark underwent a major update on April 21st, and players will find a ton of new content introduced to Lost Ark upon logging back into the game. Such as the new prestige class, the Glaivier, a female fighter who wields a polearm. They can switch freely between the two stances and deliver graceful fatal blows. And the new continent called South Vern is one of the most important good news for those who like to explore, because it means a new storyline and a new dungeon. Of course, you need to be well prepared for this, otherwise you may lose confidence under the blow of a boss you have never seen.

For Lost Ark players, more gold inventory is the best preparation. Lost Ark Gold is an essential resource for every player, and with gold you get a lot of convenience. For players who want to experience the Glaivier class, leveling and increasing item level are the two most important tasks. Players need to complete the character leveling by themselves, it is very simple, you just need to spend more time playing the game every day. But on the other hand, if you want to get powerful gear as soon as possible, it seems better to buy them outright with Lost Ark Gold. Because the items dropped by various bosses in the game are random, it is difficult for you to quickly get all the items that are useful to you in a short time.

I'm sure you've found a lot of ways to earn Lost Ark Gold online, and they might work. As an old player, I have learned some lessons from my own experience playing games over the years, I hope they are useful to you.

First of all you should pay attention to saving gold in your daily life, you can do this by lowering those unnecessary expenses. Also, instead of selling all the loot that's not useful to you to the store, spend some time picking out the ones that are useful to players and keep them. If some players need these materials, they may pay a premium for them, and you'll earn a lot of additional Lost Ark Gold, which is a great deal. Lastly, when you are really in a situation where you need to get Lost Ark Gold quickly in a short amount of time, I would recommend buying some Cheap Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS to save time. Many players have used MMOWTS services and would like to recommend the site to their friends, I think you should not miss this opportunity.
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