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Viresh's Pokemon Guide
Viresh's Pokemon Guide
Today I am forming a Pokemon Guide for beginners.
So,let's start:

On the basis of appearance,rarity and power Pokemon are classified in 7 broad class:
4.Ultra Rare

Below is the detailed definition of each class:
1.Common = These Pokemon can be cached easily on any map.Their appearance rate is about (3.5 - 4)%.They are easily cached with poke balls or great balls.Their cost is about 50 k to 200 k.But if they have well ivs and are well trained then their cost will be 1 mill to 7 mill.
2.Uncommon = They are little difficult to catch.their appearance rate is about 0.4%.They may be cached by great balls and easily by type balls like grass ball etc.Their cost is about 100 k to 500 k.
3. Rare = They appear about 20 times per 10000 encounters.Their appearance rate is about 0.2%.They can be easily cached by type balls.Their cost is about 500 k to 1 mill.
4.Ultra Rare = They are relatively difficult to catch.their appearance rate is about 0.05% at all maps.They can be cached by type balls and extreme ball.Their cost is above 500 k.If well trained then may 10 mill to 20 mill.
5.Legendary = They are very difficult to catch.their appearance rate is 0.04%.They may be cached by extreme balls and easily by master balls.Their cost is about 5 mill.
6.Shiny = They are very very difficult to catch.They appear once per 10000 encounters.They can be cached by master balls.Their cost is about 80 mill to 200 mill.
7.Mega= There are 4 types of mega.simple mega,mega legendary,mega shiny and mega shiny legend.They can't be catch at maps.we can transform them by using mega gem,perfect gem,ultimate gem and legendary gem.
For any further detail pm me in game

My Username in Game is Viresh Kumar

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