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Value Determiner
Hey Cefurkan can u add a system to the game by which we can know the value/cost of our Pokemon.It will save some newbies to get stole.As some bad players offer them a worse amount of money for their Pokemon.And it will also help high rank players to know more about Pokemon's Value/cost.I hope u will add it to the game
Viresh this will be quite a task as the market is fickle . We ourselves saw value of starters drop from around 50m to about 30m with introduction of megas within a week.

I think once the tutorial videos are out and players know which Pokemon is good and what is not , i might prevent newbies from getting cheated
Is it not a good idea
That's why me and Xiao made rough estimations on our newbie guides.
Prices and values are determined by players and players alone.
Prices change constantly and value also depends highly on the seller or the buyer.

Therefore something like that would be impossible to do without CeF setting prices for everything and makes it impossible to sell for more or less of that set price.

M30 - Galliant
I am saying that the prices should be set in such a way that they change according to the condition of market once in 1 month.
If it would be possible then i request Cefurkan to add this system to the game.
Prices are still made by the community.
While there are factors making stuff more valueable, it's ont he players to decide how much more, to each his own, nobody should be forced to sell his eevee for 100k when he could technically sell it for 1.5m or only want to sell it for 2m.
Doing such a sytem ruins the market and trading in general.

And from what i see, every new player asks for worths etc.
therefore we help them decide.
alone today i helped like 4-5 players deciding on a  trade and/or sale via pm.

M30 - Galliant
I am not saying to force a player to his Pokemon for low prices.I am saying that The system give us the actual amount of a Pokemon and afterwards it is our decision to sell it for that price give by system or the the price we want.
I am saying to make this system because some bad players offers newbies a worse amount of money for their legendary,shiny,ultra rare etc.For ex:30 mill for a shiny.If this system added to the game then the newbies check the price of their pokemon first before selling it
yes actually in v3 i am planning last month average sales thingie like in steam dota 2 market

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