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This new RuneScape venture is certain to please fans both older and younger
With the ninth anniversary of OSRS set for February 22nd, the OSRS developer Jagex has planned an event in celebration of OSRS's lifelong popularity OSRS Gold. Particularly, Jagex based the event within the desert city of Al-Kharid that is the gateway to the more arid Kharidian desert.

In light of the fact that a significant expansion of the desert is to be completed in the early part of 2022, and includes the fabled Raids 3 -- Tombs of Amascut -It seems that Jagex seems to be using this event as a small teaser for what's to come for the old , new MMO.

However, for the moment the players are able to treat themselves to a festival of fishing, cooking, and of course, treasure hunting. Arnav was waiting on the bank on the west side of Al-Kharid palace, hid the treasure chest of his inside the city.

In a series of hints which are similar to the clue-scroll system, he tasks players to solve three questions in order to determine where this chest is. Begin by stepping up to the four statues that guard the central fountain within the courtyard of the palace Al-Kharid. Perform the dance emote, and the second clue will reveal itself.

The anagram is referring to Ranael who is the proprietor of the shops for plateskirts in the in the southeast in the palace. She will provide the player with the third and final clue when he speaks to. Zeke the scimitar salesman located north of the palace, sells bronze, iron, steel and mithril versions for the scimitar. If approached the customer, he will present him with an additional challenge: count every balloon in and around his house.

Larry is located near the oasis located to the north of the palace. It is situated near the gate to Al-Kharid. He is in charge of the fishing competition and provides the participant with the gear needed for participation, but the man will fail to inform players that nothing will catch in the oasis. Big Dave, a fellow participant in the fishing competition Buy RuneScape Gold, will recommend buying specialty fishing gear through Ali Morrisane, a merchant situated to the east of the oasis.

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