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Speak The Truth:Ultimate Channel!
Welcome To:
                           Speak The Truth's ULTIMATE CHANNEL!
Here every1 canBig Grinebate,Do our traditional Small Talk,and recieve gifts for friends or special occasions like ur birthday!
Debate Rules:
1-Dont go off the person's Topic for Debate.
2-Dont be against ppl's beliefs,etc.We dont need flaming,harrassing,etc.
3-Do have gud fun
Small Talk Rules:
1-Keep it not too small,but a decent amount of time.
2-Be on the topic.
3-Dont cause Flaming,Harrasing,etc.
4-Have fun and be appropriate
Thanks for the contribution!And this is also a market for special event deals!
                          Special Event Deals!
#1-First Post Like Riovigon!(Only one)
#2-First Rate 3 or above Blacephalon!(Only one)
#3-First Supporter Kartana!(Only 1)
#4-Wednesday-Friday Bergmite
#5-Weekend Castform
Sold events:

Gift Section to pick from:
#1-Birthday Silvally #1
#2-Birthday Silvally #2
#3-Friend Birthday Beedrill
#4-Guild Joiner #20 gift(Beta Player,do show the gift to our 20th member,if any come)
#5-PM code to my profile gift
Reserved Gifts:

Thanks yall for contributing Big Grin
Codes to PM(U hav 2 guesses to get the right code)
soo you can get deals for items on special occasions like birthday Christmas stuff like that?
and gifts on game seems quite neat if i do say so myself
So wanna Small Talk and what do u think?
beta player,yes I can giv out stuff like my UB's and stuff.Blacephalon;p
great idea its cool and no i don't have time for small talk quite cool that you can cut deals with people for birthdays and etc
Quote:MonsterMMORPG Thread: 
Zayden's Debate/Talk Channel(Now in launch!)

Quote:Dont forget that this thread will be edited time~time

Quote:These are inserted quotes
Quote:beta player is pretty positive abt this
Dont forget to keep commenting!
I have a few long threads lol

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