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Some Reasons You Should Be Watching Japanese Animes
The characters in anime are so colourful and varied. Even though they aren't human, the characters in anime have complex personalities, full selves, hopes, and ambitions. Beyond that, there is just so much variety in who they are. High school kids, investigators, ghouls, pirates, demons, ghosts, and office workers

In anime, plot armour does not protect the characters. Even characters that are crucial to the story's development can die or develop defects. In anime, perfect characters are rare, and when they do appear, it's usually to support a plot point.

Not the narratives in particular, but simply because something is animated doesn't make it realistic or relevant. The majority of anime will incorporate profound moral principles based on actual events.

As a research writer, I love to watch animes especially japanese beacue of their story line and characters. I've also been purchasing anime patches online for my clothing to make them look more attractive. 
We must be very careful when reading blog posts. I already did it, and I think this post is really great quordle

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