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So I can arrange tiers for Pokemon
This is where I edit for  tiers to arrange Pokemon in,them having to match REQs(All)(Except OPT)for each tier to be in it.
My rating on each tier is 1-10,arranged in happy emojis.
This can help you set your permanent and/or temporary team based on which tiers sound good in your team.
If you know which tiers sounded best for you,tell me in the comments and tell me what Pokemon it was in each tier and how you fixed it to be a fit in that tier.
Like movesets,Pokedex check for base stats,Megaing,etc etc etc.
All ratings are my most likely opinion rounded to PvP/Overworld battling
And to fully understand read this FULL page.Including tier explanation.
Here goes  Sleepy
Threatening Phys Basher
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Basically a sweeper that pose a threat by using its physical ATK power.
REQ #1:A very good ATK,any SP.Atk since we dont use it,bcuz EV SP.Atk will be waste.
REQ #2:A Pokemon to have these REQs(Of course,like Kyurem-B)
REQ #3(OpT):Shininess
REQ #4(OPT):EV ATK must be max.Necessary amount is 26 Proteins.
REQ #5:A good Physical moveset(Movepool drastically matters here)
Threatening SP Basher
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Opposite of Phys basher,uses SP.ATK
REQ #1:Opposite of Phys,any ATK,since its waste but very good SP.ATK
REQ #2:A pkmn to meet these(Like Reshiram or Alakazam)
REQ #3(OPT):Shininess
REQ #4(OPT):EV SP.ATK must be max.All needed is 26 Calciums
REQ #5:A good Special moveset(Movepool is very vital here)
Mixed Basher
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Description:Good threat,mixing ATK and SP.ATK to counter single defensive specialties
REQ #1:Good ATK and SP.ATK,since the EV's will be 252 each.
REQ #2:A good Mixed example like Rayquaza and/or Mega Rayquaza
REQ #3(OPT):Shininess
REQ #4(OPT):EV ATK and SP.ATK equaling 504,the othr 6 up to you.Since ATK+SP.ATK must be 252 each.Calcium and Protein 26 each is needed.
REQ 5:Good basher movesets,so only thing you dont need is status,unless you wanna Tongue
More coming soon
When you speak no lies,u get through life.Speak the truth and you get through the tough.Sincerely,me.
(I LOVE SHINIES,ULTRA RARES AND LEGENDARIESWinkAnd walls like Spiritomb and I like Malamar(Only if it has Contrary)

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