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Pokemon League(LEAGU)
Welcome to the application center for my Guild :3
----------------------------------------------------------POKEMON LEAGUE--------------------------------------
If you do not familiarize with the term"Pokemon League",it is the dwelling of the E4 and Champion in the Pokemon games for consoles.
I have this creation here for another of my guilds to dwell.
Any 'ol whobears,here is the current team:
So the application for further hires,HMMMM?
Guest:What is this?
Me:This will be the application you must read and if u view as a Guest and cant contribute,just read and send a PM to the link at the end with each requirement answered
Shinies needed:1+,exception if u have full lv120 team
Gold needed:Not necessary
Badges needed:2+,exception if have full lv120 team(Reset will not count in the matter)
If you want to stay,are you online at LEAST 1 time per week?(You will be kicked if you are more than 1 week overdue of this line and you may not come back,you would have to luck out Tongue)
WARNING:I will remind of this timeline occasionally(Not all the time)if you may plan any long away time for awareness.
I think thts abt enough Tongue Just be gud(Like,no cussin and things)in the Guild Chat :3
Bulletin has expired due to lack of timekeeping
If you cant respond to FORM on the thread,PM me ingame and answer the requirements
PokemonPets Player Zayden Aegislash's Profile Page - Gamer Statistics
When you speak no lies,u get through life.Speak the truth and you get through the tough.Sincerely,me.
(I LOVE SHINIES,ULTRA RARES AND LEGENDARIESWinkAnd walls like Spiritomb and I like Malamar(Only if it has Contrary)
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