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Pokemon Count
In my Pokemon page it is showing that I have 1355 Pokemon


But on the profile page it is showing that i have 1244 Pokemon


May you please fix it?
I have roughly counted Pokemon and they are about 1350.
Note:I have taken these images just after rank update.
does it happened after the ranks?
or after the ranks you catched more pokemons?
[Image: grimmjow_signature__by_ruki_rukia-d7mgjue.png]
I already mentioned that i have taken images just after rank update so how can i catch 100+ pokemons in that time
the profile page shows the pokemons at the time of got pokemons after the rank update that's why pokemon page shows greater than the profile page.
Nope,I didn't caught any pokemon after update.I have already mentioned it.
more then 6 pokemons dont count

you mioght have remaining pokemons more then 6 and they are ignored

for example : you got more then 6 sableye like 10 or so
Well,this was the information I wanted,Thanks kun
Np bro Smile
exactly like kun said repeated pokemons more than 6 r not counted on the profile page
Charizard Rules

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