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To test out his theory, Hahnemann experimented with a number of substances such as quinine and found that "like cures like" worked in every case. But some of these substances were toxic, so he had to dilute them in order to use them. And what he found was that, when the dilution was performed in a particular way (called "potentization"), the resultant remedy became more effective the more dilute it became. Nowadays a wide range of potencies (or dilutions) is available but only the low potencies (that is, the least diluted preparations) are readily available in drugstores and health stores.

Of course, the fact that the most dilute Nembutal buy UK remedies are the most powerful seems to go against classical scientific understanding and skeptics have used this to attack homeopathy, saying that it only works because of the placebo effect - in other words because the patient believes it will. But, in fact, many more patients respond well to homeopathy than can be accounted for by the placebo effect (which is generally said to be around 30 per cent of those treated). In addition, a large number of double blind trials have shown that homeopathy can produce significant benefits. And, perhaps the most telling argument in favour of homoeopathy is the fact that (like other complementary therapies) it works well on animals, small children and people in comas, for whom the placebo effect cannot possibly be an influence.

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