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Need suggestion for winter shopping.
Winters are coming up and so does the winter holidays. Everyone is excited about my holidays I am thinking of visiting New York with my friends as New York is going to be all lighted up and decorated with Christmas lights. But it is going to be very cold as I spend most of my time visiting the Gulf countries. I have a few all-season things which include texas longhorn varsity jacket but I think I will need more jackets and coats. Do suggest me good places from where I can buy winter stuff at an affordable price.
try fur coats they are super comfy
Winters are here, and I am also planning to go shopping for the cosy hoodies. I would love to get some fleece ones that are super comfy. One of my managerial CV writer colleagues recommended me some online websites, but I am kinda sceptical about ordering from them. Following this thread to get some good suggestions. Kudos!

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