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Learning activities
Coloring and drawing both help kids improve fine motor skills. They also train the brain to focus. For parents and teachers, these inexpensive activities require limited preparation and are well-suited to travel (particularly relevant with winter breaks approaching). Colouring helps your child to recognise a range of colours ready for school. Colouring can also increase your child's vocabulary as they learn the different shades of colours e.g. light blue, navy blue, sky blue. Colouring can improve your child's ability to focus on a task for a longer length of time. Is there any good site where I can get colouring activities for kids.
I agree with you. Colouring and drawing activities are really effective for kids in their learning. It make them more creative and active. I also provide different learning activities to my kids which really help them to engage in study and they perform these activities with much interest. Here is the site which I found best for my kids.

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