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Learn Telepathy - Clairvoyant
What is required for a clairvoyant to make a psychic connection is to be able to shut out sights, sounds and distraction. This state should be similar to daydreaming when a person is lost in the daydream and not aware of what is going on around them. Of course, going into a trance state can be very helpful to learn telepathy - clairvoyant skills, but not required. Whether a trance state is used or not is entirely up to the person who is becoming a clairvoyant and what works best for them.

To learn telepathy - clairvoyant skills it is necessary for you to develop the ability of concentration. The clairvoyant should create a relaxed, focused attention similar to mantra meditation. This is much easier then you may think and you most likely do it all the time, without being aware. This is similar to when you are watching TV, reading a book or focused on some other activity, you will tend to zone out everything else. To learn telepathy and develop your skills this is the kind of mental state one should work towards.
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