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Lost Ark is one of the spiritually leading MMORPGs of the gaming era right now, and it’s been hugely popular since its launch. I am one of the many fans and prepared a lot of Lost Ark Gold to strengthen myself. And the developers are also trying to provide fans with a lot of content soon.

Because I noticed in the video of the official preview of the Lost Ark PvP Proving Ground function, the account used in the video, most likely the developer account, has a specific icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This icon shows "Ark Pass", indicating that we have the potential to earn a Battle Pass.

On the recent Lost Ark roadmap, there was no official battle pass, which means this feature may or may not appear soon. Anyway, I decided to buy some Lost Ark Gold at IGGM for a better gaming experience. It's my favorite site and it's very secure. And it's now giving away 6% free Lost Ark Gold with every order. Worth a try.

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