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I wanted to make a new Discord Server for E3
I created a server with another mod called Nintendo Nightly, right before E3, and we're trying to make it a place where you can talk casually about the latest Switch innovations, but at the same time present it from the point of view of Nintendo enthusiasts, for specific series, as well as more "basic" things, such as discussions of translations, information leaks and rumors.

I like talking to people who play Japanese releases and stuff, but I'm also pretty good at just Switch, and I thought it would be

If you want to join, go there

Also, if it's not a big deal, I'd like to do an off-topic topic later on about how to handle things like this. Social media platforms seem to be arguing about which one of them has the "No. 1" item, but that doesn't have to be the case.
I'll keep my eye on this; I'll no doubt join if more familiar faces do so too!
I came across this thread from a couple of years ago, and I hope your Discord server dedicated to E3 and Nintendo discussions has been a success since then. Creating a space where people can chat about the latest Switch updates and delve into enthusiast Nintendo topics sounds like a great idea. If anyone is interested in joining your server, they can check it out and become a part of the community you've built. If you ever need reliable Discord accounts, you can try to Buy Discord Accounts. Keep up the great work with your Discord server, and I hope it continues to be a thriving community for E3 and Nintendo enthusiasts.
I came across this thread from a couple of years ago free games

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