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I want a special weapon
I've been immersed in the world of Destiny 2, battling alien races, uncovering mysteries, and collecting powerful gear in the pursuit of becoming a legendary Guardian. But recently, I've found myself struggling to complete some of the toughest in-game activities and acquire coveted weapons and armor. It's become a bit of a roadblock, and I'm on the hunt for a solution to enhance my Destiny 2 experience.
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Teamwork can be a game-changer, especially in challenging activities. Playing with experienced teammates can provide you with valuable guidance, strategies, and camaraderie that might be just what you need to conquer those in-game challenges. It's not only about achieving your goals but also about building a sense of community within the Destiny 2 universe. Give it a try!
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It's not only about achieving your goals but also about building a sense of community within the Destiny 2 universe. Give it a try!
When using two special weapons the number of heavy ammo drops felt like it was at a level that was useable, in most scenarios heavy ammo feels restricted to either high ad clear in the case of grenade launchers, machine guns, and swords. While rockets, and linears are mostly wasted if used on anything but DPS…though there are the exceptions to the rule, most of the time ammo is so scare that finding a brick that didn’t give a single linear shot or single grenade or single rocket was rare, on the other hand using double special made it so the single ammo bricks didn’t feel terrible since using the method meant 2–3 bricks would spawn making the single rounds worth it since all those bricks make up for the fact that each brick gave so little ammo. If you want to do it faster - just hire a professional via which will help you to save your own time and life,

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