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How To Select The Perfect Fitted Shirt
Women's oxford shirts are available in the same button-down, collared styles as men's shirts come. Plus, they are tailored with darts so they fit closer to the body while giving an ultra-feminine look. Indeed oxford dress shirts are the popular choice for women that can be dressed up with trench coats and blazers.

Oxford dress shirts are also available womens summer crop tops for youth in button-front and collar style. It is a durable clothing choice for kids that can be worn on different occasions with suit. It is also a basic part of many kids' school uniforms.

Casual Looks

Oxford shirts are available in different casual variations such as button-down collar that can be worn with an open neck style. Short and long sleeves are available styles for men while women have the choice of short sleeve, three-quarter and long sleeve style that can easily be paired with casual khakis, Capri pants, shorts, miniskirts and denim jeans. Women have choices to wear dress shirts with either heels or flats. Causal oxford shirts come in a huge range of colors and stripe patterns, bold color options that work well for casual settings, weekend wear, shopping, dinner dates and more.

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