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Have you been aware?
There is a way to get across the game within a few days or longer(For me,just b4 Grand Monster Capital)until Dark Guard lol bcuz it was rough.
First,the fastest way to do this is to try and avoid NPC's
Get a LOT of each type of Repel(U need good stock)
Get a GOOD team,for the Guardians
So I think its abt it Smile
I figured this out when I figured out about Repels
-(Credit goes to people that helped me be aware)-
If you want,you can stray off the path for Gyms and hunting spots
But if you will do this,you should use this:
Pokemon Like Monster MMORPG V2 Zone 14 World Map by MonsterMMORPG on DeviantArt
EDIT:When you are in another Zone,click the Zone map again for the correct Zone.
Your welcome :3
How'd u like this guide?
Vote in Poll :3
Below is some Advice Bulletins ill stick sometimes.Be sure to check every day for new things on the thread and Bulletins :3
Comment pls :3
-Advice Bulletin Area-
-*Advice Bulletin*-
This is hard,dont expect breezy result
-*Advice Bulletin*-
You will need to stock LOADS of Gold for the boatload of Repels you need
-*Advice Bulletin*-
Repels cost like this:
Repel:100 Gold
Super Repel:150 Gold
Ultimate Repel:250 Gold
-*Advice Bulletin-*
Repels are temporary,so here are step amounts:
Super Repel:500
Ultimate Repel:1000
When you speak no lies,u get through life.Speak the truth and you get through the tough.Sincerely,me.
(I LOVE SHINIES,ULTRA RARES AND LEGENDARIESWinkAnd walls like Spiritomb and I like Malamar(Only if it has Contrary)

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