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Gourmet Mobile Pizza Vans
The Pizza Vans is a mobile wood-fired pizza catering company, that provides incredible pizzas to a whole range of events, weddings and parties. Serving up delicious, freshly made pizza to groups of all shapes and sizes. Our pizzas are made by hand the traditional Neapolitan way, and cooked to perfection in under 90 seconds in our authentic, imported ovens. Our homemade pizza sauce is made from the finest quality ingredients. Traditional San Marzano tomatoes from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, fresh fragrant basil, aromatic oregano, real Italian olive oil, and a hint of garlic, finished with just a pinch of salt, combined to give you a truly authentic Italian style taste.

We imported our wood-fired dome oven from Naples, the home of pizza. The traditional stone oven’s design has been perfected over the centuries to provide the best pizza experience. Burning only sustainable Sussex kiln-dried Ash, the wood-fired dome cooks our pizzas at 400 degrees C in a matter of seconds. Our wood-fired oven travels far and wide to serve hot pizza at events, functions and weddings, if you are looking for high-quality wood-fired pizza, get in touch.

Our properly supplied pizza catering vehicle contains anything and everything necessary to turn up and start serving appetising piping hot pizzas directly from our traditional Neapolitan oven to your visitors. We would be delighted to provide you with a quotation for serving your guests, which can be done with pre-orders served up in a buffet or independent pizzas cooked as ordered. Order from a fixed selection, or make your own from pretty much a huge selection of toppings. Please complete our enquiry form for a full quotation and we shall typically get back to you inside the hour.

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