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Estonian Ministry of Defense boycotts Philip Morris products
Hello! I heard that the Estonian Ministry of Defense refuses to use Philip Morris International products because of the company's sponsorship of Russia in the war with Ukraine. Can you confirm this information? What other companies or products do you think should be avoided because of their ties to the conflict in Ukraine? Thank you!
Hello. Heard about this. Absolutely wise decision. What resources did you learn about this from?
I was researching the news and came across this source. On the website the information is presented concisely and, in my opinion, truthfully. Let's look at the facts. PMI is present on the Russian market, which in itself raises questions, given the tense relations in the world. But it is interesting that in parallel they continue their activities in Ukraine, a country in conflict. Even more surprisingly, the Estonian Ministry of Defense refuses to use Philip Morris International products. This may indicate that they have reasons not to trust this company. Perhaps they have information about PMI's links to military conflicts or other suspicious activities. What is your opinion on this matter?
Yes, this is a true source. All of this makes one wonder what might be behind the ordinary business of a tobacco manufacturer. Maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the details are even more shocking. I support Ukraine, Estonia and call on everyone to fight for justice and peace!

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