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Yo guys.I am on a tour of playing all Pokemon games but i am not able to Find the download link of pokemon x and y.If someone knows where it is then help me.
even i too want vk
me 2 Big Grin
me 4 Big Grin
LOL Big Grin
did u tried it?

Not working
(2015-08-01, 01:01 PM)pol rajeev Wrote:

it doesn't work, I suggest no one use this link, it will make you install useless software's @pol rajeev I think you didn't try it but wanted to share it.
[Image: 2i2mft.jpg]
What A Drag...
why can't u just go to the store and buy it? No need a rom hack.
Hmm.wait now I'll buy it.
Later I will buy it

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