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Banner Showcase (Reopening)
Today I made One new Banner or u Can say Wall paper
[Image: fz54wx.jpg]

Hey Cef I make it as an example.Later i will improve it and can u advise me what i have to add in this
hello ! <3 Smile
hey just add more megas....and also some champions and rivals of ash
[Image: th?&id=HN.608049648860923295&w=300&h=300...9&rs=0&p=0]
see now
[Image: 1znsdiv.jpg]
good man your done very good
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
Thanks Pratham
But what is ash doing in between ?? Otherwise looks cool Big Grin
hey viresh if u add sdome normal pokes it would look outstanding
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
Ok I will try

[Image: 10o2t54.jpg]
Still what's ash ketcham doin' here, its not official pokemon game Tongue
See the new wallpaper of this game Harry Ash is also there
wow,but,it just needs a few more things,that background can't white with that photo,also,remove ash and put pikachu in the middle of the picture,then add shiny hoopa where pikachu was
Its not ash ketcham and out of 5 wallpapers only 1 has a human figure, there is no use of such photo i feel
I wrote all of your suggestions harry and noah.Now i will edit it when cef give me one more idea
Hey Cef Now it is HD
[Image: api6na.jpg]
wow is beautifull <3 lol
the 1 with the articuno is good but u might wanna resize
my noob IGN Staff 
[Image: fc1ria.jpg]
*Credits to malvagioDemente for this awesome sig*
[Image: rsz_api6na.jpg]
i said many times

i can not accept any wallpaper that uses resized to bigger size images

also this is still under our quality threadshold :

i mean for example that middle text is from 1990s
ok cef
Here it is:

[Image: 2q9m22r.jpg]
Second one:

[Image: zswntf.jpg]
look good Smile

[Image: 30x7hux.jpg]
(2016-03-28, 09:24 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: the ash resized Big Grin

That is the old one see new ones(last 3),they are not resized.

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