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Cefurkan u said that if i make an advertisement of your game then you definitely make me [cm].picture is provided.    
So i made a good video advertisement of is below:

So,now can u make me [cm]
this is not a good way of advertising

the point is bringing in new players nobody watched your video
If i post this video in some other forums then can u make me cm
advertisement forum section is only one the how can we make advertisemnts in other forum sectionsHuh
"I am a football fan, traveler, audiophile and big fan of poker.I like logical brainteasers, which probably contributed to my becoming a poker player.
I had lost a few hundred dollars before starting to analyze and study poker. Despite a series of failures, I set myself on this difficult path of becoming a professional poker player. I had wasted a lot of time and health, before being able to outline a certain framework and rules for myself, before I began seizing win prizes and earning real money. I like to play deeeepio.
I believe one really can make money on poker, although it is the lot of only a few – very smart and reserved people. What concerns luck, my personal experience brought me to a conclusion that 90% of your earnings in the game depend on human and surrounding factors, the latter yet depending on the person, with the remaining ten per cent being your luck."

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