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tips for your first legendary hunt
Hello Smile

so your planning to start your first legendary hunt, here are a few things you might need to know,

so first off most the legends are high lvl so be perpared their usally around lvl 70 in the lower lvl maps, they can be around lvl 70-85 depending on the map,

: what to bring :

1. you'll need to bring ultimate revives, when you get down to you last 1-2 pokes use it to restore all your pokes to full health at once.

2. master balls, master balls allow you to catch the legendary pokemon once you get it down to 70% health or less without failing, so you would probably want to go with this ball.

: tips :

ok so, you have your items.. what next?

note ( these are just suggestions ) a good poke to bring on your legendary hunt is a shuckle, ( picture below ) you don't "have" to have it, but it comes in handy

[Image: iykbup.png]

to read about shuckles and find out why i suggest it.. check this link
( you might wanna read his other guides in his link )

2. its best to use good attacks on it, false swipe might be good on most pokes you want to catch, but wild legendaries have a lot of health and might take a while to lower.. so i would not suggest using false swipe.

note : legends have stat boost in the wild that make them super strong

please check out my other guides, always adding Smile

pokedex's uses -->

using maps -->

what are guilds? -->

ivs/evs/natures/what they do/how to change them -->

how to vote -->

plz tell me what to add, always updating Smile
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]

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