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master list of guides
Hello everyone

i'm going to be posting here all the most up-to-date guides here, this will be the go-to list for anyone who has questions, and a quicker way to answer questions and link the guides. Using this the person in need may scroll down through all the guides and find anything they need, this is currently in progress so there will be more guides added when i have time also I will add tips

Guides :

how to use maps -->

iv/ev/natues -->

using the pokedex -->

what a guild is -->

how to vote -->

legend hunting -->

getting gold -->

sgt's tips 1 -->

sgt's tips 2 -->

sgt's tips 3 -->

sgt's tips 4 -->

is your poke mega worthy? -->

ev training guide -->

hunting/false swiper guide -->

how to post pokemon link -->

basics/pc/shop/hms -->

basics 2 -->

how to get pokeballs -->

how to join daily rewards -->

how to use hm moves -->

pokes natures guide -->

how to buy from npc -->

how to sell items to npc -->

how to buy items from bazaar -->

how to play videos -->

NOTE : alot of these guides are now out of date with the new update so please be patient until they are updated
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thx sea... this should definitely help newer players that are still figuring out the game
add gym guide and hm,tm guide sea Tongue

nice title btw Big Grin
thanks both of you lol ^^

and im adding TONS of guides aswell as adding my own and updating more of mine i just can only do little at a time becuz i dont have much time xd
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(2017-01-25, 04:41 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: ty

no problem and thank you Big Grin
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