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how to use maps
hello everyone,

so this is a lesson on how to use the maps,

first off to get started.. locating the maps

[Image: 5883e3b8aa4ad854545662.png]
see in the bottom left corner? the green map shows the current place you are in, the npcs on that map / the pokemon on that map / the chance of encounting each type of pokemon / ev rewards, gold, and exp won from beating them, and their average lvl, and also to learn more about a certain pokemon on that map click there picture/icon

here is 1 of starfall town

the 1 next to it is a yellowish map with a red x on it, it shows the whole zone,
here is an example of the first zone

you can click the pic of it in the link to inlarge it, there are diffrent maps for diffrent zone, which are located here,

to see where you are, simply look to the right of your game screen ( past the arrows )

using the maps you can see where all the towns, citys, pcs,and more locations are, and how to get to the place you want to go

please check out my other guides Smile

for more guides, here is 1 on the pokedex -->

whats a guild? -->

tips on your first legend hunt

evs/ivs/natures/ -->

voting -->

(tell me if i missed something )
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]

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