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helping in every corner of this game ..
Hello everyone Smile
i am hoping u all are doing good ..
i said it somewhere like i have proved myself in every corner of this game and nothing much left for me to do but later i recognize that there is a lot left like helping those who encounter problems in playing it or not getting success in any event ...
so here i start after lot of request in pms to make thread for helping in boss events training, hunting, progressing in game promptly etc so the service i did in pms would do here by now so that you can pass it on Big Grin
feel free to drop any question here i would regularly answer all of them
question like
how to catch shinies , legendaries with low level poke
how to defeat boss in easiest possible way
how to get maximum damage in boss event
how to beat a particular poke of a particular npc

feel free to ask them i would sure answer with the best of me Smile
gl in questioning Smile
Kane to work on the wikia we just need intel/info on it for now 

just need to make an account and you can start working on it its a pretty simple concept actually lemme know if u need help in my thread K?
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so about that wiki?

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