Poll: Wanna register for the scolisev and guzzlord auction?
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Auction for ultra rares
Hey,players!ZaydenM142 here!I am auctioning the following in this thread:
Those are the pokes I will put on bid.
I will also post a poll.
Here are the bidding prices that will install when at least 2 players come to the auction:
Guzzlord:At least 500,000
Scolisev:At least 5000
Those are the prices to at least try to reach.Whoever reaches 1 goal 1st gets the pokemon for their collection.
More U-Rares will come soon.
Visit my other auction rooms to buy the pokes on bid.
Other auction rooms:Legendaries auction,common to rare auction,alternative auction.
I hope I have a lucky bidder to win the prizes^^
U can bid on either one.If u wanna bid,tell me which poke u will bid on before u start bidding.
Bidding starts 3/10/2019(Today)and ends when both pokes are auctioned.
Hi,folks^^Zayden here on 3/16/19^^Auctions still up.Come on the poll and choose.

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